What is healthy nutrition?

What is healthy nutrition?

healthy nutrition:

Each human body needs many proteins and vitamins that gain the body’s vitality and activity and help the body to perform its vital functions. To obtain these proteins and the elements needed by the body, it is necessary to get a healthy nutrition system that provides all the essential elements it needs. This is in the rate and quantity of calories Which benefit the body, health nutrition protects the body from diseases and helps him to feel comfortable and balanced.

To be healthy nutrition must maintain the necessary nutrients for the body, including:

Nutritional elements regulating body functions:

Vitamins are the most essential nutrients that make the body energy to do vital services, and helps in building the body, which is divided into two types: – The first type are fat-soluble vitamins such as (A, D), and the second type are vitamins that dissolve in water, B, P, G).

The nutrients that generate the body Energy:

Many of the elements of energy work to generate energy to help the body to the activity and vitality, and these elements are found carbohydrates that cover a large proportion of the total intake per person per day; each adds one gram of carbohydrate equivalent to 4 calories.

Vitamin-rich ingredients:

Vitamin-rich ingredients are useful in proper nutrition: meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.

Protein-rich foods:

One of the first foods that give the body a balanced system and helps in the process of healthy nutrition, Protein form of two types: including animal protein, namely meat, fish, poultry and dairy.

The second type of protein is vegetable protein, which includes: legumes, wheat, barley, and soybeans.

Salts and minerals:

Salts and minerals are an essential and useful component of the proper nutrition program. They include the components of soy salts and mineral salts, including meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and legumes.

Division of meals in the healthy nutrition program:

The process of dividing the meals in sequence helps to regularize the health nutrition program, where the individual needs to eat three meals a day, where the three meals each of the proportion of the rate of health nutrition program as follows:

Breakfast :

Represents one-fourth of the body’s needs in the day, where it is one of the essential daily meals of the elements of integrated nutritional value, where breakfast is formed between milk and milk products and eggs and bread.


A meal that gives the body half of its daily needs, given its somewhat heavy ingredients, ranging from meat, fish, chicken, pasta, rice, and vegetables.


Because it gives the body the remaining quarter of its needs, so it is also good to be light and comprehensive of proteins and vitamins, where it is better to eat a glass of milk or a packet of yogurt and a piece of cheese and loaf of bread, which constitutes a complete program of light on the stomach and digested quickly to Your discomfort during sleep.

Effects on health nutrition program:

There is no doubt that healthy nutrition varies from person to person due to its correlation with several factors. Variables in all stages and age groups require a specific difference from the other person. The program differs in pregnant and non-pregnant women. Therefore, the physiological condition determines the correct feeding curve in addition to the age factor Ingredients and quantities of food and meals.

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