What is healthy nutrition?

What is healthy nutrition?

Healthy Nutrition

What is healthy nutrition? :

Each human body needs many proteins and vitamins that gain the body’s vitality and activity and help the body to perform its vital functions. To obtain these proteins and the elements needed by the body, it is necessary to get a healthy nutrition system that provides all the essential elements it needs. This is in the rate and quantity of calories Which benefit the body, health nutrition protects the body from diseases and helps him to feel comfortable and balanced.

To be healthy nutrition must maintain the necessary nutrients for the body, including:


Nutritional elements regulating body functions:

Vitamins are the most essential nutrients that make the body energy to do vital services, and helps in building the body, which is divided into two types: – The first type are fat-soluble vitamins such as (A, D), and the second type are vitamins that dissolve in water, B, P, G).

The nutrients that generate the body Energy:

Many of the elements of energy work to generate energy to help the body to the activity and vitality, and these elements are found carbohydrates that cover a large proportion of the total intake per person per day; each adds one gram of carbohydrate equivalent to 4 calories.

Vitamin-rich ingredients:

Vitamin-rich ingredients are useful in proper nutrition: meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.

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