The Best Recipe For Anorexia

The best recipe for anorexia

Recipe for anorexia

Some suffer weight problems, and despite many attempts to lose weight, these methods do not produce the right result. They give successful results, and the best recipe for anorexia will be presented in this article.

How to Make Cinnamon Tea Mix

Ingredients of Cinnamon Tea Mix 3 large cups of boiling water.
A tablespoon of tea. Cinnamon sticks.
One-quarter cup of green mint leaves.                  [sc name=”in article”]
How to prepare the cinnamon tea mixture Place tea, cinnamon vinegar and mint leaves in boiling water, and leave for 15 minutes until ingredients are mixed.
Drink a large cup of the mixture when you feel hungry.
Pomegranate and cumin mix method: Pomegranate mixture and cumin liter of water.
Pomegranate Seed.
A tablespoon of black tea.
One-quarter cup of fresh mint leaves.
A teaspoon of cumin seeds.
A teaspoon of ground ginger.              [sc name=”buttons horizontal”]

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