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Steps to get rid of excess weight

Steps to get rid of excess weight

1. Not skip breakfast:

You must make the decision not to miss breakfast at the beginning of the new year, even if you are busy, because skip Tntawl this important meal leads to eating greed the rest of the day and the result is also an increase in weight again. The importance of breakfast also should be used as a catalyst in the process of burning calories (Metabolism). Therefore, be careful to eat a healthy breakfast and balanced, which helps to fight hunger day and maintain a good burn rate as well as blood sugar level.

2. Split food small portions:

We must have the awareness of the need to divide meals at intervals during the day, can be divided into 3 meals to become 6 small meals, especially fast food such as pasta and pizza. Help divide the meals in the elimination of hunger and regulate digestion and increase the burning of calories.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water in sufficient quantities is helpful in reducing excess weight, and also helps to maintain health in a working way. Nutrition experts advise to start drinking two cups a morning on an empty stomach and then before eating the main meals. It is worth mentioning that a sufficient amount of the body varies from person to person Weight, activity, and movement during the day.

4. Increased mobility and steps:

It is necessary to increase the number of steps you walk during the day, whether at home, work or anywhere else. You can use the stairs and walk from time to time working time and not a long stay, these tips include more burning calories and remove the accumulated fat in the body.

5. Get rid of junk food and unhealthy foods:

 Unhealthy snacks and fat-filled fatty foods can be replaced with healthy snacks such as vegetables, fruit, or some useful nuts or fiber-rich cereals. Fast food disposal ensures that you lose too much fat and excess weight.

6. Finding a friend during exercise:

Training alone can cause boredom and inability to commit to and continue to perform sports, so you must work hard to find a friend to accompany you this year. Escort friend who ensures your motivation and inspiration to continue and consistently to achieve the goal of eliminating the excess weight and the proper shape of the body.

7. Eating brown bread:

The brown bread is made from whole grains of wheat and is rich in beneficial fibers and helps to fill and feel full for long periods. Eating brown bread ensures a clear difference in weight because it is characterized by calories far less than white bread.

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