Steps to get rid of excess weight

Steps to get rid of excess weight

There are a lot of ways and steps that help to get rid of excess weight in this article and exclusively on the first Arab diet magazine in the world of fitness health and beauty know the most important steps to get rid of excess weight

The phenomenon of overweight in the late 20th century has become increasingly noticeable. This increase has started to pose a danger to the health of the people. Governments have begun to see the effect of this phenomenon in government spending on health insurance. Many diseases and chronic diseases are attributed to weight gain. And blood clots only on the impact of this phenomenon, which sounded the bell of danger in some countries that increase in the rate of well-being. The industrial revolution and the means of transport have been a major factor in the spread of weight gain. The change in lifestyle in the late 20th century has played a major role in the emergence of obesity. If you go back to the beginning of the last century, it is very rare to see a young man with a “crush” Obesity we see today.

Causes of obesity:

  • irregular hormonal secretions: where it leads to an increase in weight and this can be treated in the light of medical development, which is also linked to genetic factors and therefore can be avoided and reduced by the alienation in the proportions.
  • Diet in terms of average daily food consumption and the rate of burning of the output of these calories in terms of daily activity.  [sc name=”in article”]

Steps to get rid of excess weight

1. Not skip breakfast:

You must make the decision not to miss breakfast at the beginning of the new year, even if you are busy, because skip Tntawl this important meal leads to eating greed the rest of the day and the result is also an increase in weight again. The importance of breakfast also should be used as a catalyst in the process of burning calories (Metabolism). Therefore, be careful to eat a healthy breakfast and balanced, which helps to fight hunger day and maintain a good burn rate as well as blood sugar level.

2. Split food small portions:

We must have the awareness of the need to divide meals at intervals during the day, can be divided into 3 meals to become 6 small meals, especially fast food such as pasta and pizza. Help divide the meals in the elimination of hunger and regulate digestion and increase the burning of calories.

3. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking water in sufficient quantities is helpful in reducing excess weight, and also helps to maintain health in a working way. Nutrition experts advise to start drinking two cups a morning on an empty stomach and then before eating the main meals. It is worth mentioning that a sufficient amount of the body varies from person to person Weight, activity, and movement during the day.

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