Potato diet: lose 5 kilos per week

Potato diet: lose 5 kilos per week

Potato diet

What is Potato Dieting Plan? :

The potato is used in slimming by boiling it without adding salt. Potatoes have useful components for the body. Besides their importance in dieting systems, it helps to cleanse the body of toxins and purify the heart and helps fight disease. Thus, the potato is a useful nutrient and important for the body to supply protein and minerals needed by the body without affecting the weight so that the body is needed only through this integrated meal.

Potato slimming is a change in the way potato is cooked. Potatoes can be used on both sides, but the difference lies in the way they are cooked, so we can say that the potato diet program can lose weight by 5 kg per week.


Potato dieting program:

The first day of the plan:

Breakfast meal: a loaf of bread + 2 boiled eggs + a glass of juice as desired.
Lunch: grilled fish + small rice dish + 1 boiled potatoes without additives.
Dinner: 2 boiled potatoes + yogurt.

The second day of the potato diet program:

Breakfast meal: a glass of fruit juice
Lunch: a piece of fat-free chicken + 2 boiled potatoes.
Dinner: Potato salad and radish with olive oil + yogurt.

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