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Oxygen Therapy For Weight Loss?

Oxygen Therapy

The science sounds extremely direct. Human muscle to fat ratio is a blend of three components – hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms (in addition to different substances that are put away inside the fat cells).

Add additional oxygen to the muscle to fat ratio, and in principle, it should separate into two notable substances:

Hydrogen and oxygen particles (H2O – water, which enters the circulatory system, experiences the kidneys and is then discharged through pee); and

Carbon and oxygen particles (CO2 – carbon dioxide, which is discharged by means of breath).

Oxygen or Ozone Therapies are utilized by various elective medication experts around the globe. It is more famous in Europe than in the USA. Specialists are additionally found in Canada and Mexico.

Regardless of being prohibited in certain nations and surely exposed by enormous areas of the “regular” clinical calling, there is a lot of proof that oxygen treatment produces medical advantages for some conditions far less expensive, a lot quicker and without the symptoms of patent medications.

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