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Green fitness smoothie for an everyday

recipe for a very tasty, healthy

and light fitness smoothie with cucumber, celery, fennel, apple, ginger, and lime. The smoothie has a pleasantly mild taste, a velvety soft consistency and with just 45 calories per jar, it is an excellent meal replacement when losing weight. In addition, it bursts with good and healthy ingredients, which makes it a great detox drink.
The Fitness Smoothie, just like the freshly squeezed Fitness Juice, has very few calories per serving (45 kcal per 200ml glass), but still makes you feel full because the smoothie also contains all the fiber from fruits and vegetables. Not to mention the multitude of healthy vitamins, minerals, and other good ingredients.

Ingredients for the Fitness Smoothie

The given recipe gives a total of 2 liters of smoothie. Enough portions to get you through a juice day. With just 450 calories in total.

Tina and I also enjoy fruit and vegetable smoothies quite often right after our morning run as a delicious, light, and healthy breakfast. Most of the time we feel like something fresh and refreshing that satisfies both thirst and hunger. This Fitness Smoothie is perfect for that as well.

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