Dieting fluids to lose weight fast

Dieting fluids to lose weight fast

There are many methods used to implement diet systems and vary due to the diversity of wishes of those who suffer from excess weight, each system followed in the process of weight loss and weight reduction is related to the amount to be reduced and the time to lose weight, the higher the weight to lose it will need more time and effort to reach For the expected and desirable results, there is a diet of food and food, which differs in its way from the method of fluid assessment, the system of fluid saturation depends on the drinks of liquids as essential elements to be used in its application, and we in this subject we highlight the fluid assessment and the preparation of an integrated program L is organized to reach the desired rate of weight loss.

Rapid Fluid Plan

Fast-acting diet for 10 kilos per week

The Plan

In fluid saturation, it is based on the diversity in drinking juices and fluids rich in vitamins and proteins and minerals necessary and can not be cut off from the body, which will be supplied to the body by drinking different liquids, each of which contains a component and complement each other within the system, The program of fluid saturation and distribution at intervals of day and within a week on the following pattern:


The first day of fluid overload:

Breakfast: a glass of lemon juice.
Lunch: Cup of chicken soup free fat + yogurt tray.
Dinner: a glass of orange juice + a cup of yogurt Rob.

The second day of fluid saturation:

Breakfast: a glass of orange juice.
Lunch: A cup of vegetable soup + a piece of chicken breast without skin.
Dinner: a yogurt box + a glass of apple juice.

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