Calculation of calories to lose weight…

Calculation of calories

Calculation of calories to lose weight .. And what is the calories

You lose excess weight day after day with a simple plan and have a better life. Have you ever thought about losing your excess weight by calculating calories to lose weight?

You may be disturbed by the idea that you have to calculate calories every day to lose weight in your food and think that you end up eating one dish of authority a day. Of course, it is not that bad, but first, you have to understand the rules of calorie counting to lose weight then It becomes easy and simple.

What is the calorie?

The caloric value is essentially the unit of energy measurement. When the calorie is used, it is consumed by the body to provide us with energy. It is the same that is stored in the form of fat. When the body does not use it, and the basic nutrients are all based on calories, there are three kinds of primary nutrients. Their protein, carbohydrates, and fat

1 g protein = 4 calories

1 g carbohydrate = 4 calories

1 gram fat = 9 calories (we can see why the fat is annoying)

Now let’s see how nutrients and their calories are linked to weight loss.

Calculation of calories to lose weight

  • The number of calories entering the body versus the number of calories consumed or exiting.
  • Calories entering the body: represent the amount of food you eat in your daily meals.
  • The first step to calculating calories is to make a list of what you eat every day.
  • The foods you buy are raw: their calories can be easily calculated by dividing them into essential nutrients and calculating their calorie intake.
  • Processed foods: you always find on the packaging a bulletin to determine the number of calories if you can not calculate the calories in some foods you can search in specialized sites in food and calorie calculation.
  • Calories consumed: The number of calories burned by your body daily by involuntary methods through the process of metabolism where the body consumes calories to carry out vital processes such as breathing, heartbeat, brain functions and functions of the digestive system
  • The second way to burn calories is to do the activities of mobility daily and access to fitness sites to learn the various exercises and time to burn a certain number of calories.   

Now that you know these facts, you can know if your daily diet encourages you to lose weight or gain weight. If the amount of calories you eat daily is more than your body burns, you are gaining weight, and if the amount you burn daily is more than what you eat Of calories you certainly lose calories daily and therefore lose weight daily, you can now develop a plan to lose weight by:

Make a list of your foods, calculate calories, and adjust your diet as your body needs calories.

Make a system for your daily exercise to burn more calories than you eat daily.

Remember your commitment to counting calories to lose weight, watch what you eat, move more, all of this will eventually lead you to less weight and better health.

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