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13 Alarming Habits That Are Making You Age Faster



11. Too Much Alcohol


Sipping on champagne every now and then isn’t bad. What’s bad is regular drinking.

First of all, alcohol makes the skin dry, leading to premature lines and wrinkles.

The second thing, too much alcohol damages the liver, which is responsible for detoxification. Bad liver means toxins buildup in the body, damaging the tissues and cells. Limit alcohol intake so as not to overwork your liver. Just one drink a day is enough.

12. Smoking

Just like alcohol, smoking too harms the body. In this case, the lungs and heart get the short end of the stick. It can cause lung cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, infertility, etc.

Smoking also triggers enzymes that damage your skin’s elasticity. It also deprives the skin cells of critical oxygen, resulting in a grayish-yellow complexion.

13. Using a Straw

You probably don’t know this, but pulling liquids up a straw requires significant muscle contracting. Regular usage of straws makes wrinkles develop around your mouth. The same phenomenon occurs from smoking.

It would help if you drank your beverages from a drinking glass to avoid puckering up. Sure, it won’t be good for your teeth, but you can always floss afterward.