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10 Errors Destroy The Diet

10 errors destroy the diet

Some often follow a diet often described as “cruel” to get rid of obesity and enjoy a lean and healthy body. However, a weight-loss trip can backfire and worsen rather than improve.

Hail Brakes, a German health researcher, noted in a report the most common mistakes that many people make during dieting and how to overcome them simply and effectively.

1. short and harsh diet

Hail Praxis points out that short and harsh diets are unhealthy and often lead to the so-called “yo-yo effect,” which means losing weight and gaining it again, according to the German magazine Fox. To overcome this error, it is advisable to rely on a balanced and moderate diet containing lower calories.

2. Eat less

The same source explains that eating low amounts of food during the diet is among the mistakes to be avoided, as it is necessary to eat between 3 and five meals a day with low calories.

3. unrealistic goals

Setting unrealistic goals for weight loss creates frustration and surrender very quickly. To avoid this mistake, it is advisable to set enough time for weight loss and to set reasonable goals that are gradually reached along the lines of losing two kilograms a month.

4. many small meals

During the diet, some eat many small meals, making it impossible to burn fat. This would require a break of 2 to 3 hours between meals.

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